Flood Relief


Program for Flood Relief. 

It was discussed at the May meeting to start a  program where tables are made for flood relief victims.  Wood could be acquired from Habitat for Humanity for the making of a table.  Then when completed the table would be brought back to Habitat for Humanity for distribution to an appropriate family.  Stay tuned for further details.

Beads of Courage

 What is the Beads of Courage Program?    

The Program is a resilience-based intervention designed to support  and strengthen children and families coping with serious illness.  Through the  program children tell their story using colorful beads as meaningful  symbols of courage that commemorate milestones they have achieved along  their  unique treatment path.

The Guilds involvement is to build or turn boxes for the kids with serious illness to store their beads. Click the Find Out More button below to find out more about the program, how to donate and guidelines for making the boxes

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Christmas Toys

Christmas is a special time. The guild is dedicated to making wooden toys for the Marines Toys for Tots program.  Don't make just one, since your making them, make multiples.  The toys need to be completed by the December meeting where they will be displayed for the members then collected and delivered to Toys for Tots

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